“SRS technology provides the ultimate implant for the treatment of anterior wall vaginal prolapse. The ease of use and the impressive anatomical and subjective outcomes are far superior to any other mesh implants ever used. I am confident that SRS-based solutions will revolutionize the treatment of prolapse – the same way TVT did to treating incontinence. I have no doubt that SRS will become the next gold standard for reconstructive pelvic surgery.”

Prof. Mauro Cervigni, Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery, University Hospital Foundation A. Gemelli Catholic University, Rome, Italy


“My previous experience with vaginal mesh made the Lyra SRS implant procedure easy to adopt. The surgery itself was short and the postoperative recovery was without any noticeable adverse events. During the follow up visits patients expressed their satisfaction from the outcome and from the short and painless recovery period. Overall the anatomical and subjective results are excellent.”

Dr. Anna Padoa, Head of Urogynecology Unit, Asaf Harofeh Medical Center, Israel, Editor: “The Overactive Pelvic Floor”


“While carrying out my first procedure I realized that the device can provide an excellent solution for pelvic organ prolapse. The simplicity of the Lyra SRS insertion makes it the most straightforward implant I have ever encountered. The anatomical and subjective results are very promising in comparison to previously used mesh solutions I have used in the past and I hope that more of my patients will get the chance to benefit from the Lyra SRS solution in the future.”

Dr. Zoltan Fekete, Head of Urogynecology Division, Szeged University Hospital, Szeged, Hungary


“It is only when you examine a happy patient 18 months after SRS implant and you see an optimal anatomy that you realize that this unique design provides perfect results even to the most advanced prolapse patients. The Lyra SRS is optimal: short procedure, painless recovery and superior subjective and anatomical results. It is hard to use any other implants after you see the results of the Lyra SRS.”

Dr. Gil Levy, Head of Urogynecology Unit, Maynei HaYeshua Medical Center, Israel


“The Lyra SRS implant is very friendly and easy to use. With an overall operating time of 17 minute start to end, it’s the fastest procedure that I have ever done. So far the anatomical results are very promising.”

Dr. Na’ama Marcus, Head of Urogynecology Unit, Ziv Medical Center, Israel