The Lyra system introduces a revolutionary new way to implant and place proven solutions to restore organ support in women suffering from anterior vaginal wall, Apex and uterine prolapse. The permanent implantable solid support, based on the company’s proprietary self-retaining support (SRS) technology eliminates the need for complex anchoring techniques that compromise the safety and long-term success of existing Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) treatments models.

The Lyra system is safe and involves a relatively easy surgical procedure that promises to yield high success rates over the long term. The unique, anchorless technology does not limit sexual activity in any way, does not lead to bothersome vaginal discharge or require any patient maintenance.

Unlike other POP repair solutions, Lyra's technology mimics the natural anatomy and restores pelvic organs to their functional and physiological location. The technology can restore the viability of using synthetic mesh solutions, which were clinically proven to be effective but raised serious safety concerns and had high recurrence rates in practice due to sub-optimal surgical and anchoring techniques. SRS technology overcomes these challenges. Lyra supports the largest surface area possible which also enhances the long-term integrity of the mesh and its placement.

The superior placement technique eliminates the need for anchoring and reduces the risk of recurrence and other adverse effects, such as mesh exposure (erosion), mesh contraction, pelvic pain, painful intercourse and infection.

In addition, Lyra can be an effective way to treat concurrent urinary incontinence.

  • Long-term efficacy
  • Safe and easy to insert via trans-vaginal approach
  • Requires no anchoring
  • Prevents mesh erosion and mesh contraction
  • “Finds” optimal anatomical location
  • Shorten and simplifies the procedure
  • Reduce post-operative pain