The SRS Implant is an implant comprising two components: a surgical mesh containing titanium-dioxide surface and a solid frame. The frame is made of a medical grade plastic and consists of two solid lateral arms and an elastic connecting bridge.  The SRS Implant is inserted via vaginal approach using standard surgical tools.


The technology overcomes many concerns regarding the use of a mesh support:

  • The frame retains the mesh tension,thus prevents mesh erosion
  • The solid frame prevents mesh contraction
  • The risk of bleeding is reduced with no blind insertion of trocars


Easy Procedure

  • Easier than Colporrhaphy technique
  • Does not require blinded trocar insertion
  • Known technique by gynecologists and urologists
  • Short operation time
  • Low learning curve


Potential for High Success Rates over the Long-Term

  • Device accurately imitates physiologic support
  • Large surface area
  • Trampoline-like concept accommodates dynamic intra-abdominal pressures
  • Potential success rate equal or higher than a conventional Pessary