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Through a series of events in early 2011, the founders of Lyra Medical, understood the depth of the challenge associated with one of the most common issues affecting millions of women across the world; Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP).


The company’s in-depth research shed light not only on the complications associated with existing solutions, but more importantly, their cause. Lyra leveraged the expertise of its team in the field of medical devices and clinical practice, to create a safe, reliable solution that would improve the treatment of POP and the lives of women affected by it.

thorough TESTING

With a desire to create a solution that would meet the highest standards, Lyra followed the best research practice, strictly and precisely. The Self-Retaining Support (SRS) concept was initially tested in a series of cadaver and animal studies, before progressing to large-scale clinical trials. The result is a seemingly simple solution, but one that provides a safe and effective long-term treatment for POP, which far surpasses any other treatment available today.


Lyra has already achieved a robust IP portfolio, including approved US and EU patents, with several others pending for new applications. The company is privately owned, with research and development facilities and headquarters in Israel. Having secured mass-production capabilities, an international distribution agreement, training facilities throughout Europe, and a growing market share in Europe and Israel, Lyra is well on its way to revolutionizing the treatment of POP.

Lyra has secured the following certifications:


Shaul Shohat, Chairman

A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the medical device arena, Mr. Shohat has introduced several medical...
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Iram Levit, Founder & CEO

An experienced entrepreneur, Mr. Levit has a successful track record of founding, launching, managing, raising funds for and bringing to...
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Dr. Gil Levy, MD, Founder & CMO

A recognized and distinguished urogynecologist, Dr. Levy invented the concept of Lyra’s surgical implant and has led the pre-clinical and...
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Dr. Pazit Oren-Giladi, PhD. VP QA & RA

As regulatory and quality assurance manager, Dr. Oren-Giladi led the AMAR and CE certification process of the SRS Implant, which...
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Dina Arkin, VP Operations

With more than a decade of experience developing and manufacturing products that interact with the human body, Ms. Arkin joined...
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