The Self-Retaining Support (SRS) technology mimics the natural anatomy, restoring pelvic organs to their anatomical and functional location, without the complications associated with mesh anchoring.
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This revolutionary technology introduces a flexible frame, which allows the mesh to remain flat and in the desired location, while providing trampoline-like support to the prolapsed pelvic organs.


Supports flat, tension-free placement
Prevents mesh folding and contraction over time
Drastically reduces pain and other complications
Retains mesh’s macro-porous structure
Trampoline-like concept provides durable support

This simple solution provides a safe, effective and long-term treatment that has been shown to surpass existing treatment options.


The SRS Implant leverages the advantages of surgical mesh in reinforcing weakened connective tissue and recreating supporting structures, while introducing a flexible frame that eliminates the need for fixation, which is believed to be the root cause of most post-operative complications
  • A solid yet flexible medical-grade polymer frame comprised of two lateral arms and a connecting bridge, patented by Lyra Medical

  • Titanized, ultra-lightweight surgical mesh, the thinnest, most delicate mesh on the market, proven to have enhanced bio-compatible characteristics.

  • Implant shape and size designed based on literature review, in-house developmental cadaver studies, and the results of a large-scale clinical study, to ensure functionality and safety.

provides support for the prolapsed organs

avoids applying pressure on surrounding
tissue, organs, nerves and large blood vessels

  • The implant is inserted using standard surgical tools via a trans-vaginal approach. It is positioned between the anterior vaginal wall and the bladder, and does not require blind insertion of any other surgical tools (trocars, anchoring instruments, etc.). The simple procedure enables straight-forward adoption and a short learning curve for surgeons trained in pelvic reconstructive surgery (gynecologists, urologists and urogynecologists).




At Lyra Medical, our only motivator has always been the quality of our product. We planned, thoroughly tested, collected vast clinical data, created training programs, developed extraction procedures, and spared no measures in creating a truly safe and efficient solution.

The SRS technology addresses, by design, the root cause of current mesh-related complications.

Inhibits Mesh Erosion

Prevents Mesh Contraction

Reduces Risk of Bleeding & Organ Perforation

Minimizes Risk of Dyspareunia

Maintains Macro-Porous Mesh Structure


Doctors and Patients Speak About SRS

Prof. Mauro Cervigni
Professor Urogynecology, Dept. Urology "La Sapienza"
Univ.-Polo Pontino, ICOT-Latina, Italy
Dr. Na’ama Marcus
Head of Urogynecology Unit,
Ziv Medical Center, Israel
Dr. Friedrich Pauli
Head of the Interdisciplinary Center of Pelvic Surgery in Gynecology,
University of Augsburg, Germany
Dr. Zoltán Fekete
Head of Urogynecology Division,
Szeged University Hospital, Szeged, Hungary
Dr. Anna Padoa
Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, Israel
Editor: “The Overactive Pelvic Floor”
Dr. Gil Levy
Director Division of Female Pelvic Medicine,
University Hospital, Assuta Ashdod, Israel
The SRS provides the ultimate implant for the treatment of anterior vaginal wall prolapse. The ease of use and the impressive anatomical and subjective outcomes are superior to any other mesh implant I have ever used. I am confident that SRS Implant will revolutionize the treatment of prolapse, the same way that TVT did in treating incontinence. I have no doubt that SRS will become the next gold standard for reconstructive pelvic surgery.
The Lyra SRS Implant is very friendly and easy to use. With an overall operating time of 12 minutes from start to finish, it’s the fastest procedure I have ever performed. So far the anatomical results are very promising.
The SRS Implant provides the most effective and safest treatment of anterior vaginal wall and apical/uterus prolapse. At first, I was skeptical as to the advantages of the SRS Implant, however, after using it for some time now, I have no doubt that the SRS Implant is superior to any other implant product offered on the market today. I am confident that by offering the SRS Implant to my patients, I am giving them the safest and most effective surgical treatment available
The simplicity of the Lyra SRS insertion makes it the most straightforward implant I have ever used. The anatomical and subjective results are very promising in comparison to mesh solutions I have used in the past, and the benefit to patients is huge.
My previous experience with vaginal mesh made the Lyra SRS Implant procedure easy to adopt. The surgery itself was short and the postoperative recovery was without any noticeable adverse events. During the follow-up visits, patients expressed their satisfaction with the outcome and the short and painless recovery period.
When you examine a happy patient with optimal anatomy three years after SRS implantation, you realize that this unique design provides perfect results even in the most advanced prolapse cases. The procedure is short, the recovery is painless and the subjective and anatomical results are superior, making it hard to use any other implant.